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Upending the tea table

This is David, the founder of Solanimus.

It’s with a heavy but sure heart I’m announcing that we’re “upending the tea table” on Signal to Noise. We appreciate all the yes votes, and hope that everyone that has voted yes will just go ahead and buy the game directly from us so that they will get all the updates we send out. Seriously, just buy the game if you like it, and if you don’t like it, please keep on the lookout for what we do with the game. It’s cheaper right now than it will be in the end, so it’s this scenario: buy the game cheap, support the development, have early access to the game, follow and influence the development, and avoid paying full price when the game comes out.

Upending the tea table is a saying in Japan. In terms of the game industry it’s famously used to describe overhaul situations during the development of many of Shigeru Miyamoto’s greatest games. His quote is, “A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever” …or something like that (that might be paraphrased; it was probably translated Japanese to English anyway). Some of the best games ever made were the best because they upended the tea table; often more than once. My favorite example is actually not a Miyamoto game; it’s Resident Evil 4: that game’s development was literally restarted four times, and it turned out to be an amazing game to millions of people.

So why are we doing this? We want to give you a better game. No, we’re not just thinking, “Oh we’re so much better now, why not restart and do it over??!?” We’re doing this because Signal to Noise deserves to be a much better game, and it would be a mistake to release what we have right now when it has so much more potential. We’re not scrapping absolutely everything we’ve done, lots of the code and assets will still be fully intact, but a ton of things are going to be redone to make a glorious game in the end. I’ve gone over this decision with several partner developers here in North Carolina, and it seems to be the best.

So it’s time to go back to Version 0.01 alpha of our game. Please check out our website and subscribe to us on there and follow us on twitter for all updates regarding the development of Signal to Noise. Please also buy the game, and you’ll receive all updates for free, even after the game goes up to full price.