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GDC, Solanimus Store, Solanimus Radio

Hey everyone,

GDC is next week! I’ll be there as I said before, so if you’re going to be there send me an e-mail at, let me know on twitter (@Solanimus), or contact us some other way.

We’ve opened a small online store mainly selling classic games, video game merchandise, and soon digital games. At the moment of writing/typing this post, we have things such as these listed for sale: Earthbound for SNES Complete in Box, Super Metroid for SNES, Chrono Trigger for SNES, a Gameboy Advance SP with charger, a Nintendo 64 with controllers, a Commodore 64C still in plastic in its original box, some Solanimus shirts, etc.! If you’d like to sell your game digitally through the store or you have other ideas for what to sell, let any of us know. Check out the store here:

Our intern Nathan has also launched a small online radio station of purely video game music, chiptune, whatnot. Check it out at

I hope everyone is PATIENTLY awaiting more announcements about Signal to Noise, because they’re coming.


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