Last week I sent out just one cryptogram with a hidden message regarding announcements to be made this week. The message was: “The Signal Com is not Bushwhack but is non zero.”

No one that saw it apparently figured it out, and I suppose possibly there weren’t many that saw it anyway, so I decided to not send any of the harder ones. 😀

Nonetheless, it’s time to make the announcements. You may or may not find a connection between that original encrypted message and the actual announcments.

-Bushwhack Racingâ„¢-

We’ll be releasing an alpha for a wacky, humor-driven kart racer called Bushwhack Racing on December 23rd of this year (just a few weeks away)! This alpha is winter-themed and therefore being called Frosty Bushwhack. It will be available in HTML5 form and for download on PC starting that day. The game will feature bizarre characters, environments, karts, and weaponry. Keep in mind this is just an early version, so it will be free and we welcome ideas from anyone and everyone! It will feature local multiplayer on one keyboard and/or using controllers, will just include one track and a couple of characters, and also a Time Trial mode.

-Signal to Noise Tournament Editionâ„¢-

On a yet undecided date in the near future, Signal to Noise will be releasing in HTML5 form. This will be called Signal to Noise Tournament Edition, and will feature one core track weekly on which players can compete for the high score. We want to push recognition of some awesome scores and techniques in Signal. There’s more coming for the game as well…

-Signal to Noise Liveâ„¢-

On another yet undecided date in the near future, Signal to Noise will be soft-launching (in a currently undecided region) on Android. This will be called Signal to Noise Live, and will allow players to play Signal on the go, of course with controls optimized for strong ability to play on mobile. Once we feel that things are done correctly and at a good place after the soft launch, there will be a full launch on other marketplaces in other regions. After that, there is planned an iOS release of Signal to Noise Live.


The main focus of Signal to Noise was to bring a unique hardcore arcade-like experience to gamers that maybe haven’t found the depth of competitive arcade gaming immediately apparent. One thing we’ve noticed is that Signal to Noise seems to work best in a crowd setting, and of course we’re aware that competitive gaming these days is mostly done as Versus play, which draws larger and larger groups of people. From that, we’ve begun work on a sort of spiritual sequel (not an actual sequel) to Signal to Noise in which multiplayer is the focus. This game is called Signaverse. While much experimentation is still being done, Signaverse is mainly focused on the realtime music driven procedural environment and gameplay aspect, and will be bringing a very unique type of versus competition to players that can’t be found anywhere else.

And finally…


NonZeroNet will be a new type of platform for games. It is a platform in several ways of using the word “platform” and is planned to be an end-to-end, idea-to-distribution, complete ecosystem for game developers everywhere. While I’m sure that may sound vague, you’ll see more and more explanation as it gets closer. Meanwhile, all game developers are welcome to talk with me about how we can help them with their ambitions. That’s who this is about. The developers.

NonZeroNet is the result of seeing a multitude of problems first-hand and second-hand in the game industry. More and more, there are developers all over the world working hard on the games of their dreams, only to release to “crickets,” and closing up shop immediately after. I personally get really sad when I hear so often about substantial layoffs hitting studios and other studios shutting down. This industry has so much more potential than what is being shown right now, and this is us doing our part.

Note: This post will be updated with the landing page information for NonZeroNet when it is up.

NZN Logo Gif


…Now, please, please don’t be concerned that there’s too much going on and we’re spread way too thin with all these projects. We have some good plans for how this will all be rolled out, and honestly, it’s not the tons of work it might seem like (at the risk of sounding underestimating). Lots of things are changing right now, and I know this will be remembered as a transition period for gamers and game developers alike, so Solanimus is transitioning too.

Thanks everyone! Stay tuned!

~David Klingler


Today marks the two year anniversary of the initial release of Signal to Noise!

While a sentimental day for the team, it was honestly somewhat annoying in the days following the launch in 2015. There were some technical problems at launch (Windows 10 had just taken over millions of computers and Unity, the engine for Signal to Noise, did not yet have full support for it), and much of the player base was not at all the target audience we were going for with the game’s design. Alongside some problems outside of our control, we had our own share of mistakes as well. This made the launch less-than-stellar, but we decided that the support we were shown leading up to the release of the game was enough reason to stick with what we believed in and to continue updating the game to make it what we truly wanted it to be for the player.

The initial launch was admittedly timed poorly and was premature for where it was in the development cycle of the game at the time. We had plenty of development issues earlier in the year, and that was technically the fourth time we had built the game (all earlier versions were redone because they didn’t feel right to us). We got a few pretty poor reviews, but took those back to our desks and continued to work on the game to fix the problems seen by both ourselves and the players on Steam. It was during this time of updating the game that we went strong into more contract work to keep things going, as sales of the game obviously weren’t supporting our further ambitions.

Since that launch of Signal to Noise (and even before the launch), we’ve learned many things regarding the current state of the game industry. I’ve always paid close attention to what goes on, and especially now there’s much I disagree with and think isn’t optimal. It is these observations we’ve made that have led us to developing several things in tandem that will work together to help in furthering games as a medium, giving people a lot of fun and memorable experiences.

Next week Solanimus will be announcing multiple projects that have been in the works that are sure to affect anyone who reads this. Throughout this week starting today, I’ll be sending out cryptograms to people, and everyone is encouraged to share the cryptograms with whoever they want so that solving it will be a group effort. Encrypted are messages that hint at everything we’re announcing next week. You’ll also be able to find the cryptograms on our social media accounts which are linked in the upper right on the home page.

The first people to send each of the solved messages to us (through email, direct message, mention, etc.) will win some pretty cool exclusive things having to do with the announcements.

Best of luck figuring out the messages this week! I’ll be back next week with the announcements.


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