David from Solanimus here hoping you’re having a generally good time these days! (Happy Holidays)
I just wanted to make some points on the site about what’s going on at Solanimus as well as mention some views on games released this year.

What we’re working on:

  • Signal to Noise ports to other platforms (aka Duke Nukem Forever)
  • Signaverse™
  • NonZeroFlow™ SDK
  • A huge software development contract

Now, my most surprising game release this year, my favorite game this year, and two honorable mentions:

Most surprising game release of 2018 for me:
Dusk – a doom/quake/pk first-person shooter horror game with awesome movement that I’ve described as a mix of strafe-running from Doom, strafe jumping from Quake, and bunny hopping with air control from Painkiller, but easier for new players in my opinion and even faster in terms of actual movement. Here’s hoping Duskworld, the multiplayer component of the game, will grow further.

Honorable mentions:
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – had to be mentioned. It’s cool. Inkling isn’t too bad so far.
Wandersong – what a positive game. Play through an adventure filled with singing-related puzzles as an optimistic bard searching for the Earthsong to save the world. Don’t worry, you don’t actually have to sing in real life.

Favorite game this year:
The Path of Motus – sheer brilliance from my friend, the incredibly creative game developer Michael Hicks. It’s just an absolute masterpiece, I don’t care what some of those reviewers say. I don’t know what else to say besides you should play it if you have emotions. Check out Michael’s site here.

Ok enough of this post! Talk to you in the new year! By the way, our next event is Playthrough Gaming Convention.

Actually, before I go, I want to send some thank-you mentions out. Let me thank a few of the people in particular that have had a positive effect on Solanimus this year:

  • Randy Greenback, for constant, unbelievably positive mentorship
  • James Wong, Virginia Johnson (Empowered Ideas, Fuquay Coworking), for countless things
  • Megan Hughes, Gary Reif, Kumar Singh (Donkey Whisper Productions), for countless things
  • East Coast Game Conference staff, for assistance attending ECGC this year
  • Ethan, the new COO, especially for answering messages at any hour of the day or night regarding company planning
  • Ethan’s wife Mell, therefore
  • The previously mentioned Michael Hicks, for refreshed inspiration
  • and as always, thank you to my whole family, and the whole families of those so loyal to the vision we have at Solanimus. That includes the employees and contractors but also the wonderful folks playing our games! 🙂