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Hey! David here from Solanimus.

Some people might know that I really like Mondays. I kinda don’t like the later part of Sunday, and I kinda don’t like Thursdays, but Monday for me feels like I hit the reset button. It gives a lot of hopeful possibilities for the week! Well today is Monday and it’s about time for a post. I’ve missed some posting here on the Solanimus site, and finally have the newsletter integration pushing new posts through to the newsletter members (subscribe to that newsletter on, people!), so time to catch up a bit.

Solanimus has been mainly on contract work, as those following on the site will know (yea, a broken record, I know). We’ve been working to get back into a good position to focus more on our own IP again, and we’re definitely getting there. Had a good meeting recently, and some old team members are coming back alongside the fact that we’ve added Ethan on board who’s doing quite well. As I normally say, we’ve got a lot in store for you all!

One thing entrepreneurs I follow seem to talk a lot about is your edge which I guess could also be referred to as your attitude advantage. Well, the Solanimus edge is coming back with a vengeance. Ok, maybe not vengeance exactly, but you know what I mean. We’re making a comeback, and the comeback is real. Signal to Noise is still being worked on, and a new game is on the way which we’ll be talking more about shortly. There are other things we’ve been working on, too, and it all will be working together in a way.

I always like to say we’ve got a lot in store for everyone, and that it’s “coming soon!” all the time. Well, I can promise you this: it will be worth the wait. 😉

~David Klingler

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