The East Coast Game Conference went quite well! Solanimus especially enjoyed helping our friends at Donkey Whisper Productions showing Project Ova, and I had ordered a cake for them myself to show support, which we had on Friday after the conference. The cake, by the way, said “East Coast Donkey Conference” which I hope was one of the weirdest, confusing messages the store had ever received for a cake. 😀

I did a talk for the conference on Wednesday the 18th on The Present and Future of Realtime Music-Driven Games. It seemed to go really well, and I was happy with the questions and compliments for sure. I also was on a panel on Tuesday with some other developers, and that was pretty fun too, especially to meet those other developers that I didn’t know previously.

For ECGC this year we had a specific demo of Signal to Noise based around some changes I’ve made for Tournament Edition (still incoming). Porting is still underway, although there has been “a bit” of reprioritization with contract work over time. This demo for ECGC 2018 seemed to be really well received, which was reassuring as always. Also, big thanks of course to Nathan, our old intern, now founder of Analog Data, for providing lots of help and also a 1337 sound system for the booth. We spoke to people about other projects in the works right now including:

  • Signaverse™ – realtime music-driven versus multiplayer, spiritual successor to Signal to Noise
  • Bushwhack Racing™ – funny self-aware kart racing & traffic racer mix game set in a bizarre universe with all sorts of weird characters
  • NonZeroNet™ – next generation of games platforms

It was, as ECGC always is, tiring in a good way, and it was great to see so many friends once again.

Site rework for still incoming! Stay tuned.

signaverse logo


Just wanted to give a quick update on what’s been happening at Solanimus.

We’re moving along as usual, working on Bushwhack Racing to have it fully playable at East Coast Game Conference (ECGC). I’ve also been getting a DRM-free version of Signal to Noise ready to release alongside the release of Signal to Noise Tournament Edition, the web version of the game. This past weekend the team focused on Bushwhack Racing was in the office (this included my birthday, but at least the work was still fun).  We did a quick sprint to get some more momentum going on the game’s development. We definitely got some good work done, and I think we’re certainly on track to be able to show the parts we want to show at ECGC next month.

You may have noticed we haven’t yet removed Signal to Noise from Steam. It’s still going to happen, so don’t be confused. I’m just getting the timing right in relation to the other plans we have.

Let us know on social media if you’re able to make it to ECGC (April 17th to 19th)!