Signal to Noise for macOS

Anyone following the progression of Signal to Noise is probably aware at this point that we took a long time last year to fix problems that we found were affecting players. The game is much better now in the eyes of many, and we’re moving ahead with porting to other platforms. It looks like the first port out will be for macOS, and we plan to have that ready and available on Steam, GameJolt Marketplace and IndieGameStand by the time Playthrough Gaming Convention comes around later in the month.

After the macOS port, Linux follows, but depending on how problematic finalizing that shows itself to be, the Linux port may be stopped at least temporarily, as we’re planning for mobile next (iOS and Android). More details on the mobile versions will come as we get closer to their release.


SoulJam has begun, new year

Happy new year!


SoulJam has begun, and is going from the 1st to 31st of January. It’s a welcoming game jam with a precise theme that I think will bring some creative results: ironic new year resolutions.

Wanted to mention again as well: the winning game of the jam wins $100 from me.

Check out the SoulJam game jam here:


By the way, Signal to Noise is at the time of writing still 80% off on Steam for the winter sale.


Here’s to a great 2017 for all of you,



Hey hello hi…

Solanimus is sponsoring a game jam from January 1st to 31st called the SoulJam. Hashtag is #souljamgames and the url is here:

Oh and by the way I’m giving $100 to the winner. More info incoming.

~David Klingler


Location Limited

In case you hadn’t seen it on twitter or whatever I had put it on, Signal to Noise got 2nd place in Excellence in Game Development at SIEGE 2016. Woo!

Our main location for Solanimus is in the same building as Limited Run Games and Mighty Rabbit Studios in Apex NC, however our mailing address is remaining the same, as we’re still members in Fuquay Varina at Fuquay Coworking.

Tonight the new Pokemon games are coming out (Sun & Moon), and some of the Solanimus team will be at the related event at the mall in Cary. We’re not involved with organizing the event, we’re just going there excited about the new games! I’m still most likely getting my copy in Fuquay though, because Fuquay’s Gamestop needs people too. For reference: I’m getting Sun. :D

The NES Classic Edition came out last week, and we’ve played one of the ones Josh, president at Mighty Rabbit, got here in the office. I totally did a speedrun on Super Mario Bros. 1! Chris from Mighty Rabbit came in the room when I had started it, and when he came back like 5 minutes later the game was done. I haven’t gotten my NES Classic Edition yet (as you may know, the scarcity is a bit of an issue), but plan to get one because my NES takes several minutes to get working these days and that’s sad.

We have a Playstation VR set here at the office as well. Some may remember that I was one of the first to play it at GDC a couple of years ago, when it was being called Project Morpheus. I still haven’t yet played Rez Infinite though…

As for our development on things at Solanimus:

  • Porting Signal to Noise
  • Prototyping some games
  • Contract software work
  • Other Miscellaneous R&D

…Well that’s what I’ve got today. Got to get back to some other things.

~David Klingler – Founder, President – Solanimus Inc.

P.S. Owlboy is really great.


Showing Signal at SIEGE 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia

David here. I’m currently setting up for SIEGE 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia. I took a trip to stay with my aunt and uncle a couple of weeks ago, and found out about the gaming event happening October 7-9 nearby. I immediately signed up, and am displaying Signal to Noise in the Indie Cluster. Lots of nice people here so far, and the setup time hasn’t even ended!

By the way, Signal to Noise now has a DRM-free version on IndieGameStand. If you’ve been waiting until you don’t have to succumb to Steam in order to play Signal, now’s the time!

~David Klingler – Founder, President – Solanimus Inc.


Signal now on two more stores, other things

Hey, David here.

Signal to Noise for PC is available on two more stores now. You can now buy Steam keys on IndieGameStand or a version on GameJolt that uses the GameJolt scoreboards and trophies API.

Currently we’re working on multiple projects here at Solanimus, however are still porting Signal to Noise for players to experience on other platforms.

I just launched a personal blog of mine called the Independent Gamesman. Please check it out and share it, and I hope the content I post on there will be of interest to you!

Until next time,

~David Klingler – Founder, President – Solanimus Inc.


Walter Day Collection article

Hello! David here once again.

Just wanted to give a shout out to the Walter Day collection since they’ve just posted an article with an interview they had with me! Big thanks to Todd Friedman for not asking any weird questions.

URL for those the link doesn’t work for:


As for what Solanimus has been up to: moving ahead with projects, and happily observing those that are enjoying the update to Signal to Noise. Soon we’re planning to release on other marketplaces, and are currently performing ports to other systems.

Until next time,



Turning up the Signal

Hello! We’ve updated Signal to Noise on Steam and have given the largest discount yet set to begin with the Steam Summer Sale! This update is the result of going through everything that has been said about the game that we could find in order to make it the best we can, and then going beyond that. Please feel free to check it out when you get a chance, and we hope you enjoy it. We are continuing to work on the game alongside other things, and are porting to other systems.

Huge thanks to everyone that’s been supporting us. As always, if anyone has problems with the game, you can always contact us. We’re here to help.

Until next time,

~David Klingler


The latest at Solanimus

Hello! David here, just wanted to make a new post for the blog today.

ECGC (East Coast Game Conference) went quite well last month, so big thanks to everyone who came by to talk and play Signal to Noise! We’ll have a short video of some of ECGC soon. I can personally speak very highly for a lot of student work I saw there, and of the large number of students I spoke with there. On that note, we’re actually going to begin supporting more than just one intern at a time here at Solanimus in the coming months. Feel free to email me or anyone else on the team if you’re interested in an internship and if you love games. ;)

As for Signal to Noise: New Steam update coming within days, then finishing porting to the next other platforms. We’ll be posting on here as soon as the update goes up, so subscribe to the newsletter if you’d like to see that immediately. Actually, feel free to sign up for the newsletter for exclusive words from us in general! You may even get a surprise for joining. ;) Just scroll down on the main page of and put in your info where it says “Solanimus Newsletter.” Don’t worry, we won’t share your info, spam you, or anything of the sort.

This week we’ve been working a bit with Brad of Gamers Without Borders, who we got to know better at ECGC this year (and won the high score challenge to get the shirt one of the days). Big thanks to him for the help he’s given this week, and in years to come!

Until next time,

…now I’m going to go play the new Doom! (PC ftw)

…and maybe Starfox Zero…

…and maybe Super Ghouls n Ghosts after that…


ECGC this week, Pixelfest went really well, etc.

Solanimus will be showing Signal to Noise at the East Coast Game Conference (ECGC) this week starting on Tuesday (the 19th of April). It is taking place at the Convention Center in Raleigh, NC. Check out the ECGC website to register or if you’d like to know more.

On April 9th, we drove up to Norfolk, VA to show Signal to Noise at Pixelfest. The event was wonderful, and we had lots of great folks playing the game all day.

Check out our latest video log below, and hopefully we’ll see you at ECGC!