Signal to Noise – new trailer

Hi all,

David here. Check out this more recent trailer for Signal to Noise; it’s been a while since we first uploaded it but it’s just been made public today:

I’m going to be adding some more screenshots to the main page of the website today, and we’ll have a pretty cool announcement very soon regarding features in the game.




David here.

Signal to Noise has been greenlit on Steam.

That is all. Have a good day, and thank you, everyone.


Signal to Noise – new environment teaser

Hi all,

Here’s a new teaser showing the new look of the environment:

If you get a chance, please vote for us for a Mission Main Street grant:


Signal to Noise – environment teaser today

Hey all,

We’ve been overhauling graphics more than we ever have by a long shot, and will be uploading today a new teaser for only the new ship and environment. Keep on the lookout, and we’ll post more in upcoming days and weeks.

As for other news, we’re trying to get a grant through Mission Main Street, and will only be able to do it with your votes. Please vote for us here.


Signal to Noise – finally going into beta

With a new artist now in-house, we are in the process of updating and polishing all of the art assets in Signal to Noise. The gameplay is almost finalized, but the quality of the look of the game will now be changing drastically. The art direction is now finalized, and we’re working to make the graphical side of Signal to Noise both more appealing and cohesive. Keep on the look out in the coming days and weeks for sneak peeks at new assets and concept art done by our artist Xan Davis in-house.

Signal to Noise is the game that allows you to play your music unlike you ever have before, and now the visuals will stand out as much as the gameplay.


ECGC keys sent out, artist

We’ve sent out the keys to ECGC attendees that won free copies of Signal to Noise. If you remember winning a key but have not received the email, let us know and we’ll try to match you up with an email address from the list (we couldn’t decipher some of the email addresses, so some of the letters may have been off).

Welcome on board a new artist: Xan Davis. He’s a great artist, and now a part of Solanimus!


Post-ECGC, New Teaser Trailer, other things

ECGC went very well last week, and we’re really thankful for all the people that came and tried out Signal to Noise. We gave away a lot of keys to the game, and will be sending those keys out very soon. We’ll also be posting photos from the event including photos of people that completed the challenge.

We’re promoting our Steam Greenlight page some more, so please go there and vote yes so that we will be able to have Signal to Noise available on Steam.

For now, here’s a new teaser trailer we just uploaded today:


New build for ECGC next week, calling all musicians

Hello again everyone,

David here. At the office. Yes, on Easter. Happy Easter!

We’ve been working through the weekend to prepare a build for ECGC (East Coast Game Conference). As I’ve said in previous posts, we’ll be exhibiting the game there with some new features with which we’re experimenting. Also in the plans is a system in place at the event for you to save your friends money on the game when it comes out and also getting an early copy of the game for free at the same time.

We’re planning to give out codes to everyone that’s watching when someone completes “The Challenge” (will be revealed at the event) that will let you share a discount code with your friends and by doing so get an early copy of the game for free (on Windows, Mac, or Linux). While we’re only giving out desktop versions early, remember that the game will be releasing on Wii U as well, and we’re working on some features exclusive to Wii U that are pretty cool if I do say so myself.


On another note… Musicians: ever thought about promoting your music through a video game? We’re looking to talk with anyone that does unique music (and that loves video games) to work in partnership with us for promoting your music alongside the promotion of Signal to Noise. E-mail us or post on the presently-lonely Solanimus forums. My e-mail is We hope to hear from you soon! Remember, you’ve got nothing to lose, there’s absolutely no cost for you, and you can only gain from this.



After GDC, ECGC coming next month, Signal

GDC went extremely well! Met lots of new people, and saw lots of people from before. Back to work on Signal to Noise now, and will be back in the office on the 18th (still in California because my birthday was on the 11th; Daniel’s was as well apparently), however the rest of the team can be found at the office. As you probably know, Unity 5 is out now, and I did the conversion for Signal in about an hour, including the load times, so it wasn’t bad at all. I had heard on twitter about a guy that got 1500 errors when he did his game’s conversion to Unity 5, so we were lucky. I’ve added Global Illumination to the game, and it looks fancy. Some of the improvements in the engine have also drastically improved certain parts of the game’s performance.

ECGC (East Coast Game Conferece) in Raleigh is coming up next month, and we’ll be exhibiting Signal to Noise there. Please try to come and if you can make it, feel free to play the game there. It will be setup and loud.

We’ll be posting more things as ECGC approaches.


GDC, Solanimus Store, Solanimus Radio

Hey everyone,

GDC is next week! I’ll be there as I said before, so if you’re going to be there send me an e-mail at, let me know on twitter (@Solanimus), or contact us some other way.

We’ve opened a small online store mainly selling classic games, video game merchandise, and soon digital games. At the moment of writing/typing this post, we have things such as these listed for sale: Earthbound for SNES Complete in Box, Super Metroid for SNES, Chrono Trigger for SNES, a Gameboy Advance SP with charger, a Nintendo 64 with controllers, a Commodore 64C still in plastic in its original box, some Solanimus shirts, etc.! If you’d like to sell your game digitally through the store or you have other ideas for what to sell, let any of us know. Check out the store here:

Our intern Nathan has also launched a small online radio station of purely video game music, chiptune, whatnot. Check it out at

I hope everyone is PATIENTLY awaiting more announcements about Signal to Noise, because they’re coming.