About the Game:

Cool-B in Search of Floyd™ is a free platforming game for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android.
“When I was much younger, we adopted two cats that had been together their entire lives, Cool-B and Floyd. Unfortunately, Floyd got very sick… he passed away. After this, Cool-B of course changed dramatically. He would roam the house, crying for Floyd, searching for him every night.”

Floyd is gone and Cool-B the cat doesn’t know why. Journey through a world different every time you play on Cool-B’s adventure to find his brother Floyd. This game features fast-paced platforming action and is simple enough for anyone to play.

Created completely by one person as an indie game with super tight control, colorful and wild hand-drawn graphics, fantastic music, and endearing subtle storytelling.

This game is meant for anyone with a heart and/or anyone that simply wants fast-paced platforming. Focusing subtly on subjects such as courage, perseverance, hope, and love, Cool-B in Search of Floyd is sure to endear even the coldest of hearts.

Cool-B in Search of Floyd released on December 13th, 2012. On the one year anniversary of its release, it became free for PC and Mac. On November 14th 2014, the game also became free for iOS and Android. Download the game for PC here, and for Mac here. You can also get the soundtrack here in mp3 format.