Crashland is a humorous game available for free on iOS and Android.

 Crashland is about a squirrel named Gary that runs around in the road (as squirrels seem to enjoy doing) collecting acorns and crashing cars. The game is controlled by touching and holding on the screen where you want Gary to run, and collecting the falling acorns and making the cars swerve. If the player can crash all the cars on the screen, an oversized bulldozer goes across the screen pushing the cars out of the way. After the bulldozer has finished its work, a randomly selected powerup acorn appears in the middle of the screen for Gary to pick up that can affect the game in various ways such as speeding up the action or doubling the points you get per acorn. Each level lasts 30 seconds.

The game is meant to be played in quick bursts but can provide plenty of fun by challenging players to get a three star ranking on the levels. Statistics tracking in the android version can keep players collecting acorns and trying to get the best scores, while GameCenter support on iOS can have people connecting and competing with each other across the country or across the street. This game is sure to make anyone laugh, and has a simple arcade feel while also providing some nice challenges for those trying to push their scores and perfect the levels There is of course tons more content on the way.