I have the new design and am implementing it for the new version of the Solanimus website. Might still be weeks away from being public though, as it’s not the only thing I’m working on personally.

Some hints about it:
The site is navigated in a manner that conforms to how you use it. It’s a simple sequence but it is much more intuitive for the first time use than many modern websites, and this includes all ways of viewing it: desktop, mobile, etc., and all of the browsers that are worthwhile.  The basis of the animations as you navigate the site is that you’re following Lennie the rabbit (a character named after Lennie in the book Of Mice and Men that sometimes appears briefly in my first game Cool-B in Search of Floyd, but not with the same artwork) as he goes down the rabbit hole, and much of the concepts behind intuitively navigating the site are from some interesting game design principles I’ve learned.

It’s a small creative gesture, and don’t worry about those horrible load times a lot of highly animated sites have. Also please don’t worry about the site requiring a bunch of time from you because it’s just trying to be fancy. It doesn’t require any more time than any regular website; it will just be a unique experience for the time you’re on it.

I hope you all will enjoy it when it’s public! I have of course gone through the process carefully to make sure that the site is conducive to a more constant stream of information from the company with an easy way to keep track, so you can look forward to that alongside deeper integration with other products and services from us. This design of the site will be supplemental to the strategies that will be setting Solanimus apart in the industry.

Note that even after the site is public, it will be adjusted as time goes on based on usage.

~David Klingler – Founder, Solanimus Inc.

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