The latest at Solanimus

Hello! David here, just wanted to make a new post for the blog today.

ECGC (East Coast Game Conference) went quite well last month, so big thanks to everyone who came by to talk and play Signal to Noise! We’ll have a short video of some of ECGC soon. I can personally speak very highly for a lot of student work I saw there, and of the large number of students I spoke with there. On that note, we’re actually going to begin supporting more than just one intern at a time here at Solanimus in the coming months. Feel free to email me or anyone else on the team if you’re interested in an internship and if you love games. ;)

As for Signal to Noise: New Steam update coming within days, then finishing porting to the next other platforms. We’ll be posting on here as soon as the update goes up, so subscribe to the newsletter if you’d like to see that immediately. Actually, feel free to sign up for the newsletter for exclusive words from us in general! You may even get a surprise for joining. ;) Just scroll down on the main page of and put in your info where it says “Solanimus Newsletter.” Don’t worry, we won’t share your info, spam you, or anything of the sort.

This week we’ve been working a bit with Brad of Gamers Without Borders, who we got to know better at ECGC this year (and won the high score challenge to get the shirt one of the days). Big thanks to him for the help he’s given this week, and in years to come!

Until next time,

…now I’m going to go play the new Doom! (PC ftw)

…and maybe Starfox Zero…

…and maybe Super Ghouls n Ghosts after that…