Today marks the two year anniversary of the initial release of Signal to Noise!

While a sentimental day for the team, it was honestly somewhat annoying in the days following the launch in 2015. There were some technical problems at launch (Windows 10 had just taken over millions of computers and Unity, the engine for Signal to Noise, did not yet have full support for it), and much of the player base was not at all the target audience we were going for with the game’s design. Alongside some problems outside of our control, we had our own share of mistakes as well. This made the launch less-than-stellar, but we decided that the support we were shown leading up to the release of the game was enough reason to stick with what we believed in and to continue updating the game to make it what we truly wanted it to be for the player.

The initial launch was admittedly timed poorly and was premature for where it was in the development cycle of the game at the time. We had plenty of development issues earlier in the year, and that was technically the fourth time we had built the game (all earlier versions were redone because they didn’t feel right to us). We got a few pretty poor reviews, but took those back to our desks and continued to work on the game to fix the problems seen by both ourselves and the players on Steam. It was during this time of updating the game that we went strong into more contract work to keep things going, as sales of the game obviously weren’t supporting our further ambitions.

Since that launch of Signal to Noise (and even before the launch), we’ve learned many things regarding the current state of the game industry. I’ve always paid close attention to what goes on, and especially now there’s much I disagree with and think isn’t optimal. It is these observations we’ve made that have led us to developing several things in tandem that will work together to help in furthering games as a medium, giving people a lot of fun and memorable experiences.

Next week Solanimus will be announcing multiple projects that have been in the works that are sure to affect anyone who reads this. Throughout this week starting today, I’ll be sending out cryptograms to people, and everyone is encouraged to share the cryptograms with whoever they want so that solving it will be a group effort. Encrypted are messages that hint at everything we’re announcing next week. You’ll also be able to find the cryptograms on our social media accounts which are linked in the upper right on the home page.

The first people to send each of the solved messages to us (through email, direct message, mention, etc.) will win some pretty cool exclusive things having to do with the announcements.

Best of luck figuring out the messages this week! I’ll be back next week with the announcements.


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