Hello!! David here as always. Just wanted to give a quick update today on what’s been in the works at Solanimus!

We had fun in the Limited Run Games and Mighty Rabbit Studios building in Apex NC and made progress, but we’re making internal changes that made it so it wouldn’t be beneficial really for everyone at this point to continue the deal as it was before. We cooperatively decided that Solanimus will be moving back to Fuquay Coworking, but of course we’ll still be splitting a bit of some of the guys’ time to help with shipping for Limited Run. At this point the start date for returning to our full membership at Fuquay Coworking is October 1st. Huge thanks either way to all our friends at Limited Run and Mighty Rabbit!

I recently talked more with a programmer that had spoken with me after my talk at ECGC earlier this year, and the conversations went so well that he’s expected to begin work with Solanimus on October 1st as well! Welcome Ethan!

Lots of contract work still going on for the company at the moment, which I’m mostly manning alone, but there’s of course plenty of other stuff in the¬†pipeline. You’ll be amazed, trust me. Patience is a virtue!

~David Klingler

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