Solanimus Inc.

Software with a soul

The Solanimus™ Mission:

"Cooperatively facilitate
games as a medium."


Develop interactive software
in a continuously optimized and self-controlled environment
to create life-giving experiences
that bring people together,
seeing their world differently than before.

All Solanimus™ games and software programs
prioritize emergent experiences that expand the user's perception
and are unconstrained by the general understanding
of genres or other conventions.

Any obstacle in the way of this approach
can be worked through by developing other interactive software
cooperatively with other people.

A few past works:

Signal to Noise™
Signal to Noise™

the realtime music driven rail shooter

funny mobile game about a squirrel causing some issues in the road

Cool-B in Search of Floyd™
Cool-B in Search of Floyd™
endearing, personal & child-like game about
Cool-B the cat searching for his brother Floyd

Some of the upcoming pipeline:
Signal Forever™, a new live music driven generative game
Simple Metagame™, a simplified system for organized competitive gaming
Public safety training solution platform

Hi, I'm David, founder of Solanimus™.

Since even before the founding of Solanimus™ in 2011,
I encountered many unpleasantries involving
aspects of the game development process that were
generally seen as inherently unavoidable.

Although ambitious, I found that my optimism
for my vision of games as a medium was not in
alignment with these limits,
ultimately making my work frustrating.

In the spirit of continual experimentation,
I gradually examined the legitimacy of
these accepted ideas of limitation.

Although the saying goes,
"A bad craftsman blames his tools,"
it wasn't just about the lame tools I found my team using.

The current standard approaches
towards computation as a whole are all built
upon decades-old architectures
layered upon one another by millions of ideas
from separate people with separate visions
if they had any vision at all.

Many of these ideas directly clash,
but because of both spoken and unspoken senses of urgency,
and certainly a bit of unbelief,
it was mostly assumed worldwide
that going back to "reinvent the wheel"
wasn't seen as worth the time and effort.

Long story short, thankfully, their assumption was wrong.

Solanimus™ was founded on September 16th, 2011.
Precisely eight years later, on September 16th, 2019,
I founded a new company, NonZeroSoul™ .

NonZeroSoul™ is a separate entity from Solanimus™,
but under the same overall vision.

NonZeroSoul™ controls the underlying ecosystem,
pushing a paradigm shift in computing.
Solanimus™ holds certain exclusive development rights
over interactive software for the NonZeroSoul™ ecosystem,
pushing a paradigm shift in games as a medium.

Upcoming Solanimus™ game titles will be
playable through a new game platform,
currently being referred to as codename SOULMATE™.
More details forthcoming, mainly at live events.

Solanimus is in search of humbled people,
looking for their own direction in something that fulfills their soul,
holding a profound lack of understanding
for that which is generally accepted as impossible.

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